List of 2013 Projects

Internal Research Grant (IRG) competition was an initiative from the Office of Research and Graduate Studies that was launched on January 2013. It is an annual competition for all Alfaisal Full time faculty members. A table of the awarded projects for last year is shown below with a total of SR 1,073,750.

List of IRG 2013 Projects



Project Title


Moni  Nader

Striatin dynamics during apoptosis : a step towards a novel biomarker

Garwin Kim Sing

The role of neutrophils in chronic hepatitis

Mohammad Hasan Rajab

Incidence rate of prostate cancer in men treated for erectile dysfunction with phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors

Muhammad  Faisal Ikram

Expression of DNMTs and MBDs in AICI3 induced mouse model of alzheimer's disease

Nasir  Afsar

To evaluate the clinical outcome in the relationship to metabolic ratio of cyclophosphamide in breast cancer patients

Fouad  Jabri

Use of antibiotics and subsequent resistance at intensive care units ( ICUs ) in saudi arabia


Yasser Abdullah AlTamimi

An interlanguage pramatic study of expressions of gratitude by saudi EFL learners

Elias  G. Saleeby

On computing integrals over the stability domains of linear difference equations

Shahnawaz  Ahmed

A new human face Biomerics based on statisical features extracted from discrete wavelet transform coefficients for authentication and identification system

Samir  Brahim  Belhaouari

Prototype of risk prediction and early detection of multi-cancer

Edreese  Alsharaeh

Synthesis and Characterization of polymer nanocomposites

Ali  M. Elgindi

Complex Tangents to real-submanifolds of complex space

Worku   Nida

Understanding cultures of learning on saudi campuses : an ethnographic case study of alfaisal university

Hisham  Abad

Feasibility of geoengneering projects in saudi arabia

Ghaleb Rabab'ah

Using Tracking Software to Explore the Cognitive Activity in EFL Writing

Muhammad  Haris

The significance of context in the reconstitution of notions of moral responsibility in engineering ethics

Mamoun Bader

Polyetheylene Glycol Tethered Cystine as Inhibitor of Kidney Stone Formation


Sghaier  Guizani

iPatient - RFID Identification System

Ahmed Mohamed  Oteafy

Parameter identification techniques for electric machines

Samer  Mansour

Developing an air quality monitoring system using wireless sensor technology

Nidal  Nasser

Development of cloud-based internet of things ( CIoT ) framework

Redha Mahmoud Radaydeh

Energy-efficient interference coordination for multi-user two-tier wireless networks

Abdallah  Alrshdan

Anthropometric measurements of saudi adults and effects of age, region and gender

Hassan Zohair Ahmed

Theoretical and Experimental Design of a solar powered adsorption cooler under saudi weather conditions


Mario A. Ferrer

Medical Tourism supply chain in saudi Arabia

Abdulaziz Alwathainani

It’s all overreaction: The post earnings announcement momentum

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