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Alfaisal Statistical Consulting Unit

About ASCU

Statistical services are crucial to any research project. Alfaisal Statistical Consulting Unit (ASCU) is a professional statistical service that aims to promote and strengthen research by assisting researchers and other clients with using statistical methods in their academic, business, or governmental research or quality assurance projects in the most optimal way. We provide expertise and training in study design, data management, data analysis, and learning statistical software. Our services are coordinated to provide statistical expertise to the Saudi academic, medical, industrial, and business communities through consulting, teaching, and contract services. Such support is especially valuable during the planning stage of any research project. The involvement of internationally renowned experts strengthens the credibility of study findings and help investigators publish their findings in best national and international peer-reviewed journals.

ASCU statistical consultants use the art and science of statistics to address a practical problem. Problems come from different fields, e.g. medicine, marketing, manufacturing, agriculture, or genetics. However, many of ASCU consultants specialize in just a few application areas. We work under a number of internationally established guiding principles which are necessary to fulfill our vision and mission. The support that we provide to our clients is instructional and/or educational. We encourage clients to seek assistance early in the research process, and to think long-term to establish precedents that can be maintained. We also communicate with clients on their level and do so with respect, regardless of their level of statistical knowledge. Clients can schedule appointments to discuss their specific questions one-on-one with our consultants. We also offer workshops on statistical topics that are of interest to researchers and other clients. In addition, ASCU statistical consulting involves distance relationships with clients and distance technology.

ASCU Vision and Mission Statements

Our expertise is wide-ranging, with particular strengths in:

a) Statistics/Biostatistics
b) Public Health Research (Environmental Sciences)
c) Business Statistics
d) Additional expertise including Bioinformatics, Econometrics, Transportation and Geographic Information System (GIS)


What do we do

I. Consulting:

Our statistical consultants can assist you with:

a) Focused advisement in a variety of research areas
b) Design of experiments or surveys
c) Reviewing method sections
d) Understanding methods used in published research
e) Planning and implementation of statistical analysis
f) Interpretation of statistical results
g) Specialized statistical programming
h) Preparation and revision of manuscripts
i) Other

II. Instruction:

Teaching by ASCU staff and affiliates includes:

a) Statistical/biostatistical workshops
b) Statistical software including SAS, SPSS, etc.
c) Data management/analysis workshops
d) Serving as a resource center
e) Specialized techniques for specific projects

III. Proposal preparation:

ASCU specialists can assist you with the preparation of grant proposals including the following:

a) Discuss the proposed designs of experiments and surveys
b) Power analysis and sample size calculations and the suggested statistical analyses
c) Review statistical methodologies sections
d) In addition to assisting you draft a proposal, we provide a letter of support to be included with the proposal.

IV. Collaboration

Collaboration can be facilitated by ASCU but the actual collaboration agreement does not fall within the scope of ASCU.

V. Contract work

ASCU also considers doing fee-based contract work, including performing data management and statistical analysis for clients both internal and external to Alfaisal University. Needs, availability and costs of this service are discussed on a project-by-project basis. ASCU statisticians are experienced in research across a broad range of disciplines that utilize applied statistical methodology. Examples of contract projects range from designing and analyzing experiments, analyzing secondary data and survey data as well as data obtained from observational and evaluations studies, running simulations, mining business, or industrial data, etc. To discuss contract work please contact:

What do we do not do

We do not consult on projects for academic course work.

How to obtain our services

ASCU offers fee-based services through contract work. There are several ways to reach ASCU. If this is your first contact with ASCU, we highly recommend you make an appointment, regardless of how simple your question may be, since the initial appointment allows us to connect you with an ideal consultant from the beginning. For returning clients who have short questions, consider calling us or communicate with us via email. For further details, contact:

Workshop information

The ASCU offers workshops on statistical and biostatical topics that are commonly used by researchers and other clients. The emphasis is on the application of statistical methods, rather than theory. These workshops are offered regularly, but due to limited space, we do ask that you register. In addition, we can design workshops that fit your needs.

Contact Us

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