Faculty Awards for Research Excellence 2016

Faculty Awards for Research Excellence are made to recognize, encourage, and reward those individuals whose research or creative endeavours have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. Acknowledgement is given to University of Arkansas, USA from which the Awards format and process have been adapted.

Number and Frequency of Awards:

  1. There may be one award in each college/school of the University annually.
  2. The awards for excellence in research and scholarship may be shared where the achievements being recognized result from joint efforts.


Persons with faculty status as defined in the current faculty handbook, except for the adjunct and visiting categories, holding full-time faculty appointments who have completed two or more full years of service to the University may apply; the research must have been conducted at Alfaisal University; faculty who have administrative responsibilities are eligible if their teaching duties are 50% or more of their work assignment for the academic year in which they apply. Persons may not receive the same award for a period of three years.


  • 30 April: Solicitations of Applications by Office of Research & Graduate Studies (ORG)
  • 21 May: Deadline for submission of applications by faculty members
  • 25 May: Review of applications by RGC (Research Representatives)
  • 1 June: Announcement of winners


The application process shall be open; i.e. any eligible faculty member may submit an application for an award.

Selection committee:

  1. The selection committee shall consist of the research members of Research & Graduate Studies Council (RGC).
  2. Individuals who are applying for an award cannot serve on the selection committee.


  1. Administration of the award process: Administrative support for the award process shall be the responsibility of the Office of Research & Graduate Studies.
  2. Solicitation of applications: Not later than 30 April of each year, the Office of Research & Graduate Studies shall advise members of the campus community of the award process and application procedure.
  3. Preparation of applications: Applicants are responsible for preparation of applications containing information as specified in the attachment, “Preparation and Submission of Applications.”
  4. Submission of applications: One copy of each application shall be forwarded to the Office of Research & Graduate Studies no later than the date specified in the announcement.
  5. Selection committee action: The RGC shall meet as necessary in order to complete the selection of the award winners.

  • a. The committee shall review such materials as are submitted in the application.
  • b. The proceedings of the committee shall be confidential.
  • c. The winners shall be recognized at the Annual Research Awards Ceremony to be held in the Fall. Each award shall consist of a trophy and a certificate.

Preparation and Submission of Applications

Applications must adhere to the following instructions and page limitations to be accepted by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies.
Place in a single manila folder, one copy of each item described below for each application. Clearly identify the name of the applicant on the tab of the folder. Please do not use special folders or binders. Submit the folder to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies by the date specified in the annual solicitation for applications. The contents of each application should be as follows, minimum 12-point font: Letter of Application (limited to two pages): Focus on accomplishments during the most recent two-year period. Letter should be signed by applicant and endorsed by the respective College Dean.
Biographical Data (limited to three pages-a standard curriculum vitae is inappropriate): Please provide in the order listed below:

  • Name of applicant
  • Current position (title, rank, department, or unit)
  • Number of years in this position
  • Number of years at Alfaisal University
  • Degrees held (source and date)
  • Employment history (previous positions, years; list most recent first)
  • Honors and awards
  • Membership in professional and honorary societies (note offices held)
  • Scholarly and Professional Accomplishments: List of articles and books published and professional accomplishments within the last two years (please provide the complete citation). If there are particularly significant accomplishments before the last two years, those may be referenced in the letter of application. Do not submit copies of work(s). The selection committee may request these if desired. Only the contents of the application as specified above will be sent to the members of the selection committee.

The total application has a maximum of 5 pages.

Note: Applications exceeding the above pages limits will not be considered. policies & procedures.