Faculty Research Projects

Prominence in research is vital to realizing the University's aims of becoming a major educational institution and a role model in the region. It is also a critical component to the University's mission of conducting world class research that benefits the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world. Partnerships between Alfaisal University and external stakeholders is central to conducting research which can be applied to benefit and advance society.

Significant external funding has been awarded from sources such MAARIFAH, GDRG as well as Saudi Aramco, BOEING, ABB, ARABIO, ALANOUD, SAGIA, SHELL, ALJOMEH, MOE, NG, IZON, & QNRF. This is a promising development in that it shows that faculty members are going after a wider range of external funding sources.

Aramco Research Projects

One of the major achievements has been the success of Alfaisal University faculty in the Saudi Aramco University Collaboration Programs (UCP). Several years ago, three out of six research proposals submitted by faculty members at Alfaisal University were accepted for funding as part of the Saudi Aramco University Collaboration Program (UCP). All deliverables were met and contracts successfully completed. Achievements include seven published papers, and two invention disclosures. Alfaisal University was invited to submit a new application for consideration by Saudi Aramco. Furthermore, the Editors of the Journal of Thermal Spray Technology, a Springer Publication, selected one of the images from the Aramco papers to be one of two images to be placed on cover of December 2015 special ATSC issue of the Journal (Figure 2. LHS: Agglomerated and sintered Mo-Mo2C powder showing high porosity and surface area, (Faisal et al 2015 Development of Plasma-Sprayed Molybdenum Carbide-Based Anode Layers with Various Metal Oxides for SOFC, JTST)

Due in part to this success in 2017 Aramco signed three new contracts with Alfaisal University faculty members in the area of nanotechnology.