International Student

Students coming from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alfaisal University welcomes international students from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If you are applying to Alfaisal University and you currently do not reside in the Kingdom, you must meet the following requirements for the University to issue your Student Visa:

  1. Your Certificates & Transcripts must be certified by the Saudi Embassy in the country of your study.
  2. Your Certificates & Transcripts must be evaluated & certified by the Saudi Ministry of Education.
  3. You must pay the non-refundable seat confirmation fee of SR 500.

* Please note that the University does not guarantee the issuance of your Student Visa but will help to facilitate the process of its issuance.

Step- 1 Admission Pre-Requisites

  1. Pay (non-refundable) 500 SAR as admissions fee and prepare electronic/scanned receipt:

  2. Bank Details
    Saudi British Bank (SABB)
    Alfaisal University
    Account Number: 154 000 111 002
    IBAN Number: SA39 4500 0000 1540 0011 1002

  3. Prepare a scanned copy for all the required documents found here:
  4. Please make sure that the file names are in English only
  5. For tips on how to scan paper Click Here

Step 2-Submit Application

  1. Sign up for a new account using a valid email address so you can be able to complete the process. All notifications will be communicated via email messages.
  2. Complete the online Admission’s application.

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