Programs, Curricula & Study Plans

This section of the Graduate Catalogue dealing with current graduate programs, courses, curricula & study plans has been prepared by the Office of Research & Graduate Studies in coordination with the College Directors of graduate studies. Course acronyms and codes have been standardized to make it easier to follow. For example, there is one acronym for each graduate program, irrespective of the number of tracks within that program.

This will allow graduate students, faculty and staff to easily find the codes and description of courses as well as study plans for current graduate programs at Alfaisal University. All graduate programs and their tracks, if any, are first listed in alphabetical order. This is followed by course listings, course descriptions and curricula & study plans. The catalog will be updated on a regular basis.

Download- Graduate Catalog 2017-2018 Programs Curricula Study Plans (PDF)
Download- Graduate Catalog 2016-2017 Programs Curricula Study Plans (PDF)
Download- Graduate Catalog 2015-2016 Programs Curricula Study Plans (PDF)