School Mental Health Course

Program Description

Jeff Bostic MD, EdD. Brings more than 20 years of expertise as the Director of School Mental Health at Massachusetts General Hospital. A pioneering program, linking the top Psychiatry Department at Harvard Medical School with the School districts in the state of Massachusetts.

The course will be facilitated by Lamis S. Solaim PhD, a Child Psychologist, Founder and Executive Director of the MGH/Alfaisal Child Mental Health Program and a Lecturer at Harvard Medical School.

This course will equip participants with strategies to help students cope with stress and develop positive mental health. It will prepare participants to assess schools and practice strategies in working effectively with school staff, provide them with effective interventions to help students who exhibit disruptive behavior, anxiety, sadness, trouble focusing, that lead to academic and social struggles. Finally, this course will prepare participants to help school staff apply positive mental health practices in their own lives to function effectively at school and with others. The course adopts a developmental perspective; hence participants will learn how to modify strategies to suit different developmental stages.

Sectors identified as related to School Mental Health

Educators (teachers, school counselors, social workers, educational psychologists, school principals)

Course Duration

8 May 2022 – 11 June 2022

Course Fee

SAR 3,200

Course Components

  • Eight recorded lectures
  • Four hours of live discussion with faculty
  • 2 day in-person workshops led by teaching faculty visiting from Boston

Time Commitment

  • Two on-line lectures will be available each week for self-direct study (at your own time)
  • One hour of live virtual discussion each week led by teaching faculty on Mondays from 5-6 pm (KSA time)
  • 2 day in-person workshop on the WEEKEND of 10 -11 June, 2022 from at Alfaisal University

Teaching Faculty

Jeff Bostic, MD, EdD
Affiliated Faculty with Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, where he was the Director of School Psychiatry from 1997-2016. Child Psychiatry Faculty at Georgetown University Hospital and consultant to local DC schools.

Lamis S. Solaim PhD, CPsychol, AFBPsS
Founder and Executive Director of MGH/Alfaisal Child Mental Health Program. Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Lecturer (Part-Time) in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School.

Learning Objectives

  • Mental Health in Saudi Arabia Schools
  • Promoting Healthy Brain/Mental Health Development
  • Positive Classroom Behavior and Managing Disruptive behavior (oppositional, resistant, aggressive)
  • Mood Regulation: Developing Coping Skills to Manage Anxiety
  • Mood Regulation: Developing Skills to Manage Sadness/Depression
  • Attention and Executive Functioning Skills and Managing Inattention
  • Helping Schools Manage Difficult Events
  • Promoting School Staff Well-being

Registration Deadline

Tuesday, May 3, 2022