Alfaisal Centre for Research & Consultancy Studies


The Alfaisal Centre for Research & Consultancy Studies acts as an umbrella organization for channelling research, educational training and contract projects as well as consulting studies between external organizations, both public and private, and Alfaisal faculty members.


To be in the forefront of innovation, education and free enterprise at the national & regional level by providing applied research solutions and consultations.


To deliver state-of-the art applied research solutions, educational training and consultation services that contribute to sustainable economic and social development by exploiting the University's human resources expertise and through building strategic partnerships. Centre Organizational Structure

The Centre is located under the Office of the Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies. The Center will be administered by a Director or a Coordinator.

Services & Objectives

  • To make the University's faculty experts and physical resources available to the needs of external organizations and institutions.
  • To help establish national, regional and global partn erships that help meet the economic and social needs of the country.
  • To support further development of the entrepreneurial philosophy of the university's faculty, staff and students.
  • To enhance the University's role in community service.
  • To augment the consultation experience of the University's personnel.
  • To improve the university faculty members' direct role in community service.
  • To provide focused consultation services to all social and economic sectors.

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