When you select graduate studies at Alfaisal University, you will be in one of the world’s top 200 young institutions under 50 years old as recognized by Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017. You will belong to:

  • A community of scholars enrolled in over 7 graduate programs
  • A distinct collection of students whose aptitude, intelligence, and inquisitiveness make them self-assured to become tomorrow’s leaders
  • A group of alumni that are unified by their quest for excellence
Most significantly, you become a member of a top ranked university located in the heart of Riyadh, connected not only to regional research institutions with their wealth of opportunities but also to an international network of scholars that are known for their eminence.

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Key Performance Indicators

Alfaisal University One of World's
top 200 Institutions under 50
Years Old & Ranked Number 18 among

Source: Times Higher Education Young University Ranking 2017
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The Annual Student Poster Competition which has been running since 2009 strengthens the vision that research is indeed one of the missions of Alfaisal University. Students may submit a poster in one of four categories:

  • Business, Management & Law
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Medicine, Pharmacy & Health Science
  • Science & Humanities
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Boeing Solar Car Project

This is a Boeing funded undergraduate research and design project that commenced in the 2015-2016 academic year. The aim of this project is to design an efficient and reliable solar powered vehicle capable of competing in international competitions.

This is a state of the art challenge involving a multidisciplinary team of electrical, mechanical, software and industrial engineering students. Currently in its third year the project continues to develop the skills of the students in research, simulation, experimental design and prototyping, teamwork, and logistics amongst other HQP skills, and it helps them improve their understanding and grades in their courses.

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Alfaisal Institutional Review Board (IRB)

In compliance with the Saudi Law of Ethics of Research on Living Creatures, Alfaisal University has established and registered a local ethics committee,

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Alfaisal Centre for Research & Consultancy Studies

The Alfaisal Centre for Research and Consultancy Studies which is under the ORG acts as an umbrella organization for channelling research, educational training and contract projects as well as consulting studies between external organizations, both public and private, and Alfaisal faculty members.

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Alfaisal University Faculty Awards for Research Excellence 2021

Faculty Awards for Research Excellence are made to recognize, encourage, and reward those individuals whose research or creative endeavors have been particularly successful and are so recognized locally, regionally, and nationally.

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Faculty Promotion Regulations & Guidelines

Academic faculty members at Alfaisal University are normally appointed to a faculty rank in the Regular Professor series: Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor.

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