Faculty Promotion Regulations & Guidelines

Distinction in teaching, research and service is crucial to achieving the University's goals of becoming a leading educational institution and a model in the region. The promotion process aims to advise the University on the eligibility of a candidate for promotion and to provide feedback to the candidate through the appropriate deans on their performance in research, teaching and public and university service.

The University shall use the promotion process to encourage academic excellence and to evaluate the achievements of its faculty by comparison with international standards in all the fields of knowledge, which are relevant to the University programs. While approving these regulations and guidelines, the University asserts that these regulations and guidelines are in accordance with the 'unified bylaws for faculty' that were adopted by the Higher Education Council No.4-6-1417H in its sixth meeting on 26-8-1417H. On 22-8-1418H, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques approved the decision of the Council.