Vision & Mission


To envision a supportive environment for all that fosters transformative discoveries and innovation, generates new knowledge, and encourages creative activities that benefit the university, the country, and the globe.


To provide excellent and versatile world-class education, research and innovation that contribute to serving the society and achieving sustainable development through the use of the University's resources and strategic partnerships.


  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Innovation and Impact
  • Openness and Transparency

The Office of Research and Graduate Studies facilitates research and graduate studies at Alfaisal University enabling it to be a leading regional institution that benefits society and that helps to sustain a knowledge-based economy. Our mission is to support multi-disciplinary research and graduate studies programs of faculty and students by enhancing the environment for creative scholarly work with the highest levels of quality and integrity, and that stimulate the development of a knowledge-based society.. Specifically the Office of Research & Graduate Studies will:

  • Promote effective sustainable fundraising of research funds at levels sufficient to allow the University to grow and fulfill its objectives both in the long and short-terms.
  • Allocate, administer and manage these research funds Institutionalize ethical standards and guidelines for all Alfaisal University faculty and staff to ensure the highest levels of integrity and compliance.
  • Develop and encourage the creation of interdisciplinary research programs and centers of excellence at the University.
  • Coordinate with other institutions to support and fund student and faculty research, enhance research awareness in the country and contribute to the national research agenda and policies.
  • Facilitate commercialization of research outcomes by encouraging scientific and industrial communities to utilize the outcomes of research at the University, and by developing collaborations between Alfaisal and other institutions.
  • Ensure an environment that allows University students and faculty to conduct high quality research.
  • Develop an infrastructure and culture that encourages, supports and recognizes excellence.
  • Promote the involvement of students at all levels to be engaged in the research process.
  • Help to build a strong research-based graduate program at the University.
  • Attract and facilitate research scientists and fellows from overseas to conduct high-level research at the University.
  • Increase publications in high quality research journals. Acquire patents based on intellectual property generated from research projects at Alfaisal University.