Student Research Projects

Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge

Students from the faculty of Engineering joined national and international universities in building ultra-fuel-efficient vehicles. Team Alfaisal consisted of nine highly motivated students and a faculty member, with diverse nationalities. This was the first time that Saudi Universities competed in the Shell Eco-marathon. Teams from two other national universities also took part: KSU and KFUPM.

Students researched, designed and built their own ECO Vehicle. The process included computer aided design, simulation, laser cutting and creating a fiberglass body panel. The students thus gained knowledge and skills to design, develop and manufacture. Team Alfaisal named the vehicle “Faith”. After the words of HM Late King Faisal bin Abdulaziz, ''The education of our youth should rest on three foundations: Faith, Knowledge and Performance.'' Despite the delay in receiving their car onsite in Manila, Team Alfaisal showed great endurance, remained positive and choose to move forward and prepare whatever they could while waiting. Judges found them a step ahead when it came to sharing their material and resources with neighbouring teams. The team, for example, donated their spare engine to a competing Philippine team whose engine suddenly broke. Judges said “Alfaisal had demonstrated that the event is not about winning, instead reaching a common goal – driving innovation to achieve sustainable mobility.”

“Team Alfaisal” was awarded with Perseverance and Spirit of the Event Award in the Shell Eco-marathon Challenge held in Manila in February 2015, due to their outstanding performance in staying in high spirits, overcoming great obstacles, supporting others and showing outstanding endurance, resolve and resourcefulness Abdulmohsin Albabtain, driver and team leader, said, “It’s not all about the competition, but shared knowledge as well. Several teams came to help us as we experienced problems with our car. It was all for one and one for all.”

Dr. Nidal Nasser, the former Dean of College of Engineering, said, “In this project, the Team Alfaisal students made a plan, one that involved many hours of hard work and innovation. Over the past months and during the event, the students demonstrated patience and persistence in seeing that plan through. They did their best to make it to the track. I am very proud of the team spirit even in difficult situations. Their participation was a winner for the whole Alfaisal University family. It was a work well done.”

Boeing Student Research, Solar Car and Quadcopter Projects

Boeing has taken the initiative to annually support student research at Alfaisal University through competitive awards. Alfaisal University was founded by the highly reputed King Faisal Foundation as one of the first private non-profit, research and teaching universities in Saudi Arabia committed to achieving international standards of excellence. It has the support of national and international co-founders and distinguished Board Members such as provided by Boeing, that have continually supported the university in its mission to be a student –centred institution committed to research. The funding provided by Boeing will aid in the building of a strong research oriented institution as envisaged by the King Faisal Foundation.

Figure 5. Engineering students posing with Executives from Boeing Saudi Arabia and Alfaisal University Senior Management 15 December 2015

Ten student research projects from the College of Medicine & College of Engineering were funded by the company in 2014-2015. The research funds are administered by the Office of Research & Graduate Studies. In 2014 half the funds have been given to Alfaisal is as extra to 5 projects. The University is extremely thankful to Boeing for taking the initiative to support student research. This is the second year that Alfaisal University has had this competition. The Institution can be very proud of the high quality of our students and the initiatives taking by them to help address areas of strategic concern faced by the country.

Boeing Saudi Arabia has also awarded $50,000 USD to CoE faculty and students for the design, development and manufacture of a Solar Car through their final year capstone projects. Senior Boeing management from the USA also visited Alfaisal University 19 October 2015 to discuss other areas of support for students and faculty.