The Office of Research & Graduate Studies, which currently occupies four offices, helps to oversee research laboratories at the University and also assists faculty in obtaining access to external laboratories such as those at KFSHRC, KACST, KSU and KAU through collaborative research grants such as the KACST NPST Strategic Grants program, and the KACST GDRG program. Alfaisal faculty, for example, in addition to our own laboratories are currently also using laboratory facilities in KFSHRC (3 NPST projects), KSU (2 projects), KAUST (1 project), KACST (2 projects), KAU (1 project) as well as in overseas research laboratories in Japan, USA, UK and Canada.

Furthermore, in order to speed up the ordering of chemicals and supplies for our research laboratories the ORG has an agreement with KFSHRC to order such items through its purchasing system. This has significantly reduced the ordering time from 6 months to 2 months.